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I-DEFENCE® is a long-lasting, lubricating ointment that delivers superior moisturizing and protection of the ocular surface.
Containing 0.40% sodium hyaluronate, I-DEFENCE®’s formulation is extremely effective at providing maximum, long-lasting relief of dry eye symptoms and is well tolerated by the patient.
The unique viscous properties of I-DEFENCE® enable a prolonged contact-time with the ocular surface. This hydrating ointment provides soothing relief of dry eye symptoms, such as soreness, irritation or a gritty sensation on the eyes and acts as a barrier against moisture loss. It can be used during surgical procedures and is ideal for patients that suffer from nocturnal lagophthalmos.
Do not use with contact lenses. 
Should be used within 8 weeks of opening.

Directions for use: 

Wash your hands. Tilt your head up slightly and pull the lower lid downwards and hold the tube vertical to your eye. Press the tube gently to release a small quantity. Repeat this process for the other eye. Recommended for night-time use.

5 grams per tube.

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