Hylo Eye Drops

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HYLO® eye drops contain the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the eye and other parts of the body. Due to its special physical property, HYLO® forms a regular, stable, long lasting lubricating film on the eye surface. This film is not easily rinsed off and does not cause blurred vision. HYLO® provides long-lasting moisture to the surface of the eye to efficaciously support the natural process of healing.
Can use with contact lenses. 


Directions for use: 

Remove the cap and turn the bottle over so the dropper tip points down. Place two fingers on the base and your thumb on the "shoulder" of the bottle. Press firmly and quickly on the base of the bottle to release one drop into the eye. Release and repeat on the other eye. 

10 mL and 300 eye drops per bottle.